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Add a WWW Fortune Teller to Your Web Site with DreamLight FutureShock 2.0 *FREE*

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Let DreamLight® FutureShock™ entertain the visitors to your web site. Once DreamLight FutureShock appears, you may ask it questions by clicking on it and typing a question about the future followed by return. Don’t forget to end your question with a question mark.

Click on the blinking question mark for instructions on how to use it. DreamLight FutureShock is a novelty item. Have fun with it, but don’t take its advice too seriously!

Adding DreamLight FutureShock to your web site is free & easy.

  1. Download the cross platform DreamLight® FutureShock™.
  2. Unstuff the archive to extract the futureshock.dcr file.
  3. Put the dcr file in the same folder as the web page it is to be used on.
  4. Copy and paste the HTML code below into your HTML page.
width="576" height="32">
   <param name="SRC" value="futureshock.dcr">
   <param name="sw1" value="576">
      width="576" height="32"
  1. Edit both SRC parameters to point to the futureshock.dcr file on your site.
  2. Edit both width AND both sw1 parameters to the desired width (from 400 - 1024).
  3. Upload futureshock.dcr to your web server as a binary file.

That’s all there is to it.

This is a very simple example of what DreamLight can do with Shockwave. To discuss custom Shockwave development or Flash development, please contact us.


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