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20+ Years of Award-winning Multimedia, 1987-2007

New Book Brings 3D Animated CGI Short Film Production Within Reach of Independent Filmmakers

Creating a 3D Animated CGI Short: The Making of The Autiton Archives Fault Effect - Pilot Webisode

WILMINGTON, MA – March 31, 2010 — Michael Scaramozzino’s new book, Creating a 3D Animated CGI Short: The Making of The Autiton Archives Fault Effect – Pilot Webisode, presents an insightful behind-the-scenes tour of the entire production process for 3D artists, animators and independent filmmakers who are interested in creating their own CGI short films as well as for those who are simply fans and enthusiasts of CGI films in general. Since this book presents detailed examples of every step of the production process, from initial concept, through character design, set design, modeling, texturing, lighting, camera animation, character animation, lip sync, rendering, post-production, compositing, all the way through to film festival submissions and online web distribution, it truly has something to offer everyone interested in CGI films.

“Many 3D artists may have dreamed of creating their own CGI short films as I had, and some of them may have even started such a project, only to abandon it.” Scaramozzino says. “I wrote Creating a 3D Animated CGI Short to show other 3D artists how to bring their dream of creating a CGI short to light, and help them actually get it done.”

Using readily available off-the-shelf hardware and software such as modo, LightWave 3D, FPrime, HD Instance, Shake, iMovie, iDVD, GarageBand and more, Creating a 3D Animated CGI Short shows how to produce a complete 3D animated CGI short, including how to fund the production by taking on paid freelance projects along the way. Where other filmmaking books typically describe industry standard methodologies that are most effective for larger productions, Creating a 3D Animated CGI Short shows how to dramatically simplify and condense those processes down to the essential elements that will enable a single artist or filmmaker to complete a CGI short on their own.

It was previously was very difficult for an independent filmmaker to distribute their films, but with recent developments such as broadband Internet availability, digital media players and personal DVD burners, an independent filmmaker can now distribute their films directly to the public through multiple digital channels. Creating a 3D Animated CGI Short shows how to capitalize on these developments, by following the production of Fault Effect™, the pilot webisode of The Autiton Archives™, a series of 3D animated CGI shorts to be distributed on the web & DVD.

The book includes a companion CD-ROM, which contains full-color versions of the many images used throughout the book, numerous animation tests created during the production process, a full version of the completed pilot Fault Effect from The Autiton Archives Web series, and a full version of Michael Scaramozzino’s previous award-winning 3D animated CGI short film BlastOff!™.

About the Author – Michael Scaramozzino

Michael Scaramozzino - Author

As an early computer graphics pioneer with a dual background in both the art and science of computer graphics, Michael Scaramozzino taught students how to use the original Macintosh 128K computer.

Since founding DreamLight®, an award-winning interactive multimedia studio (www.DreamLight.com), in 1987, his work has won awards in a wide range of computer graphics fields including digital design, 2D PostScript illustration, interactive multimedia, 3D illustration and 3D animation, and has been widely published in books, magazines international exhibits and film festivals.

Michael continues to run DreamLight where he is currently producing The Autiton Archives 3D animated CGI Web series.

Creating a 3D Animated CGI Short: The Making of The Autiton Archives Fault Effect – Pilot Webisode (9780763782641, Jones & Bartlett Publishers, Paperback, 536 pp, 9.1"x7.3", US List Price: $49.95) is available online at Amazon.com (where it hit #1 in the CGI category shortly after its release) with a direct link through The Autiton Archives series Web site at the following URL: www.TheAutitonArchives.com/book.html


Press Contacts:

Author: Michael Scaramozzino, President/Creative Director, DreamLight, Inc.
– (978) 658-5110

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