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FreeHand: Software Identity Design, Icon Design, Splash Screen & Package Design

Macromedia FreeHand Software Identity, Splash Screen, Package Design & Software IconsMacromedia FreeHand Software Identity Design Case StudyFreeHand Javelin Thrower Cover

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Creating a High Profile Software Identity for Macromedia FreeHand including Icon Design, Splash Screen Design & Package Design

“The Javelin Thrower, sure to catch your eye at the software store.”
-Chuck Kraemer, The Cutting Edge, WCVB TV5 Boston

When Macromedia acquired the venerable FreeHand software and wanted to integrate it into their existing product line, they turned to DreamLight to create a new identity for the software. At the time, Macromedia’s high profile Director software sported a bold graphic figure on its cover. The previous version of FreeHand (Aldus FreeHand) had a purple leaping man on its cover. We decided to create a new figure for FreeHand that retained some of the creativity of the previous FreeHand figure while also showing off FreeHand’s phenomenal photo realistic illustration capabilities. Thus was born the famous Javelin Thrower. We took the same approach in the icon design and incorporated elements of the new identity while still retaining a similarity with FreeHand’s previous icons. After the success of FreeHand’s new identity, Macromedia had us design new Macromedia Director & Extreme 3D icons.

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