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Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Investments: Icon Design, Toolbar Design & 3D Web Graphics

Fidelity Workbench, Advantage & Symphony Icons, Toolbars, 2D & 3D Web Graphics

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Improving the Look & Feel of Existing Software & Web Products through (GUI) Graphical User Interface Design including Icon Design, Toolbar Design, 2D & 3D Graphics

When Fidelity wanted to improve the look and feel of their existing software products, Fidelity Workbench, Fidelity Advantage and Fidelity Symphony, they brought in DreamLight. We analyzed their software, and working within their engineering specifications, created a family of icons and toolbars that enhanced the user experience while providing a new level of consistency throughout their entire software product line. We also created 2D & 3D graphics for Fidelity’s web site.

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