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Macromedia Director & Extreme 3D:
Icon Design & 3D Splash Screen Design

Macromedia Director & Extreme 3D Icons, Script Editor Splash Screen

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Improving an Established Software Identity & Creating New Software Identities through Icon Design & Splash Screen Design

When Macromedia wanted to improve their existing icons for the long established Macromedia Director, they once again turned to DreamLight. DreamLight had previously designed the Macromedia FreeHand Software Identity and Macromedia wished to bring a similar look and feel to their entire software product line. For Macromedia Director, we explored two different icon approaches. One set of icons was designed to retain some similarity with their existing icon family which was literally based upon a director’s chair. The other set of icons was designed to be more abstract and focused more on the concept of interactive multimedia.

When Macromedia needed a complete set of icons for their new Macromedia Extreme 3D software, they again turned to DreamLight. We designed an extensive set of desktop icons with a 3D feel to help give the new software a strong visual identity that would fit well with the icons we had designed for FreeHand & Director. We also designed a 3D splash screen for Macromedia Script Editor.

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