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20+ Years of Award-winning Multimedia, 1987-2007
Device Technologies

Web Site Development &
E-Commerce Development

Device Technologies Web Site Architecture, Design & Development, Interactive Forms, Interactive Product Catalog

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Creating an On-line Presence with Interactive Product Catalogs, Interactive Manuals, Interactive Forms & E-Commerce, to Rise Above the Competition

Device Technologies wanted to create an on-line presence that separated them from their competition while providing their clients with a valuable resource. DreamLight analyzed all their proposed content, to design an appropriate organizational structure. We then developed custom graphics and design templates to rapidly deploy the content in a structured and flexible manner that facilitates future expansion and site updates. Through the use of interactive forms & e-commerce, the site adds value to their customers. The result of our work is an on-line presence that’s unmatched in their industry.

DreamLight also develops full-blown e-commerce on-line storefronts and e-shops, with on-line order & credit card processing, using Miva Merchant.

As award-winning interface & Web developers, DreamLight publishes the DreamLight Web Design Guide. It contains many of DreamLight’s professional tips & tricks which have appeared in the following publications:

  • Desktop Publishers’ Design 101 feature, Spinning the DreamLight WebSite
  • MacWorld’s FreeHand 7/8 Bible chapter Shock Treatment on the World Wide Web
  • SmartComputing’s Super Web Tips

If you would like DreamLight to develop a Web site or e-commerce for you, please contact us.

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