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DreamLight Insight #08: KeyQuest Level 2: 3D Space Ship, 3D Sets, 3D Props & 3D Interactive Character


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KeyQuest Level 2:
3D CyberCruiser Exploration & Systems Activation

Activating the Control RoomDigit's TipsUpper PassagewayMain PassagewayData ProcessingC4 Level 2 Intro
EngineeringCyber CoreScience StationBiological BubbleCrew's QuartersCyberSleep Tubes

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After completing Level 1, the control room systems become activated and you are granted Level 2 clearance. You may then proceed to the previously locked compartments in the rear of the ship where access is now permitted. Each compartment has a C4 terminal with its own set of keying sequences loaded and ready to run.

Level 2 teaches speed and accuracy through a series of sentence and paragraph writings. Completing all keying sequences in a compartment activates that compartment’s systems. Once all the auxiliary systems are activated the ship is ready for flight and you are granted Level 3 clearance.

Control Room Activation


Activating the Control Room

Completing all C4 Level 1 exercises activates the entire control panel and brings the Control room systems on-line.

Shockwave Audio: 39K
QuickTime VR Movie: 320x240: 165K
24bit JPEG Image: 640x480: 51K | Panorama: 70K

Digit’s Tips

Digit gives hints about what to do next while providing encouragement and comic relief.

Shockwave Audio: 34K
Interactive Shockwave Demo: 640x480: 1M
24bit JPEG Image: 640x480: 58K | 1024x768: 118K

Auxiliary Compartments


Upper Passageway

Upon leaving the control room, the upper passageway is now brightly lit and appears to be activated.

QuickTime VR Movie: 320x240: 164K
24bit JPEG Image: 640x480: 53K | Panorama: 79K

Main Passageway

After descending to the main passageway, the doors are now open and the back rooms appear to be fully accessible.

QuickTime VR Movie: 320x240: 164K
24bit JPEG Image: 640x480: 46K | Panorama: 80K

Data Processing Systems


Welcome to Data Processing

The Data Processing systems collect CyberNet data through the CyberCruiser’s external data sails.

Shockwave Audio: 77K
QuickTime VR Movie: 320x240: 164K
24bit JPEG Image: 640x480: 72K | Panorama: 74K

C4 Level 2 Introduction

Completing the speed drills on each compartment’s terminal activates each compartment’s systems.

Shockwave Audio: 130K
Interactive Shockwave Demo: 640x480: 414K
24bit JPEG Image: 640x480: 94K

Engineering Systems


Welcome to Engineering

The Engineering systems convert data into energy in the CyberCore.

Shockwave Audio: 81K
QuickTime VR Movie: 320x240: 165K
24bit JPEG Image: 640x480: 77K | Panorama: 79K

CyberCore Analysis

CyberCore Analysis verifies that the Engineering Systems are on-line and functioning properly.

Shockwave Audio: 71K
Interactive Shockwave Demo: 640x480: 740K
24bit JPEG Image: 640x480: 83K | 1024x768: 154K

Science Station Systems


Welcome to Science Station

The Science Station systems convert energy into a biological bubble.

Shockwave Audio: 78K
QuickTime VR Movie: 320x240: 166K
24bit JPEG Image: 640x480: 69K | Panorama: 87K

Biological Bubble Test

The Biological Bubble Test verifies that the Science Station Systems are on-line and capable of maintaining the bubble.

Shockwave Audio: 44K
Interactive Shockwave Demo: 640x480: 688K
24bit JPEG Image: 640x480: 84K | 1024x768: 153K

Crew’s Quarters Systems


Welcome to Crew’s Quarters

The Crew’s Quarters systems maintain life support within the biological bubble.

Shockwave Audio: 70K
QuickTime VR Movie: 320x240: 165K
24bit JPEG Image: 640x480: 65K | Panorama: 75K

CyberSleep Tubes

Once the life support systems have been activated you can take a snooze to test the CyberSleep Tubes.

Shockwave Audio: 125K
Interactive Shockwave Demo: 640x480: 563K
24bit JPEG Image: 640x480: 57K | 1024x768: 106K

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