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20+ Years of Award-winning Multimedia, 1987-2007
Hearts On Fire

3D Animated, Internet Connected, Interactive Product Catalog

Interactive Product Catalog CD-ROM with 300 Photorealistic 3D Animations
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Creating Stunning Photorealistic 3D Animation for Complete Product Lines that are Difficult or Impossible to Capture with Photography

When the world’s premiere branded diamond company, Hearts On Fire, wanted to create an interactive CD-ROM catalog for their entire line of diamond jewelry, they turned to DreamLight Interactive. They initially wanted us to create an interactive product catalog using their existing high quality photography. We quickly realized however that the full impact of a product as magical as diamond jewelry just couldn’t be captured with traditional photography, we needed something better. DreamLight created stunning photorealistic 3D animation that allowed us to capture the brilliance, scintillation and fire of the world’s most perfectly cut diamonds in full motion. Our advanced in-house render farm enabled us to animate their entire product line of diamond jewelry, in all available metal colors, with hundreds of photorealistic 3D animations. They liked our 3D animations so much that they even had us create high resolution 3D illustrations of their entire line of diamond jewelry for their print catalog and web site.


Interactive Catalog Agent Technology for Rapid, Cost Effective, CD, DVD & Internet Development

DreamLight Catagent

Using these photorealistic 3D animations along with our DreamLight® Catagent™ technology for Macromedia Director, Shockwave and Flash, DreamLight produced an interactive product catalog that is unmatched in their industry, just as their products are. With various methods to search for item SKU’s or through selected families, categories and jewelry types, the CD-ROM includes their entire product line and is database driven from a spreadsheet that they can update themselves to produce new releases of the CD-ROM as price and inventory changes are needed. The CD-ROM contains a custom password protected log-in feature that shows different levels of pricing structures for customers, salesman and owners. The CD-ROM allows the user to configure all the attributes of the items and build an order that is submitted online via the Internet. The CD-ROM also contains a printable jewelry appraisal form. When left unused, the CD-ROM even has a custom screen saver feature that cycles through full screen 3D animations of the entire jewelry line.

If you would like DreamLight to create an interactive product catalog for you, please contact us.

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BlastOff! Wins a Silver W3 Award in the Pioneering Category of Web Video - 3D Animation

BlastOff! Wins an Official Honoree Webby Award in the category of 3D Animation

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