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20+ Years of Award-winning Multimedia, 1987-2007
DreamLight Catagent

Interactive Catalog Agent Technology for CD, DVD & Internet Deployment

Hyundai Rally Challenge CD-ROM: Interactive Product Showroom & Promotional CD-ROM Hearts On Fire Internet Connected 3D Animated Interactive Product Catalog CD-ROM McKesson Interactive Animated Presentation for USB Flash Drive and CD-ROM KeyQuest: 3D Edutainment CD-ROM Balfour Graduation Announcement Designer: Catalog & Ordering CD-ROM Rolfs Sports Almanac: Special Promotion CD-ROM HEST: Healthy Eating Self-Monitoring Tool. An Interactive Data Collection & Teaching Tool Entergy: Internet Connected Annual Report for Flash, Shockwave Internet, Full-size and Business Card CD-ROM Quipples: Live 3D Internet Game Show for On-line & CD-ROM Verttice: Internet Shockwave Game for On-Line & CD-ROM

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Harness the power of over twenty years of award-winning multimedia development for your next interactive CD, DVD or Internet project.

DreamLight® Catagent™ is our interactive catalog engine that is the culmination of over twenty years of award-winning interactive multimedia work on a variety of projects from interactive brochures, through interactive product catalogs, to full length edutainment CD-ROM development.

With each new project we’ve extended and enhanced our Catagent interactive engine. Adding new modules for a variety of sophisticated features. This enables us to build new interactive catalogs and multimedia projects much more quickly and cost effectively, avoiding the high cost of developing your project completely from scratch. DreamLight can quickly build your project with our Catagent technology and simply license the specific components desired.

Some of the current features available in the DreamLight Catagent technology include the following:

  • Database/Spreadsheet Driven Content
  • File Library Driven Content
  • Online Content Updates
  • Online Ordering
  • External Internet Links
  • EMail Transmission
  • Interactive Animated User Interfaces
  • Dynamic Item Selection & Navigation
  • List and Menu Navigation
  • Interactive Document Navigation
  • Item/Product Configuration/Customization
  • Document Printing
  • Password Protected Log-in Access
  • Order Entry
  • Preferences Saved/Loaded to/from Local Hard Drive
  • Individual Files/Orders May be Saved/Loaded to/from Local Hard Drive
  • External File/Application Launching Including PDF and PowerPoint Documents
  • Text Transcripts Synced to Audio/Video/Slide Show Content
  • Interactive Photo Gallery, Slide Show and ScreenSaver Module
  • Software Demo Module
  • High Quality Audio, Photo, Video and Animation Content
  • 2D/3D Animated Openings and Sequences
  • Interactive 3D Virtual Environment Navigation Module
  • DreamLight Autiton™, Intelligent Interactive Character Technology

Additional features and modules can be custom built upon request. Our DreamLight Catagent technology is designed and programmed using our own in-house DreamObjects object-oriented foundation classes for Adobe Director and Flash.

As a full service production studio, we are also able to offer the following additional services:

  • Graphics and Illustration Services
  • 2D/3D Animation Services
  • Multimedia Production Services
  • Web Design & Production Services
  • Custom Programming Services
  • Custom Game Design & Production Services

If you’d like DreamLight to create a Catagent interactive project for you, please contact us.

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As expert Macromedia Authorized Developers, DreamLight publishes the DreamLight Director Talisman, a popular on-line resource where other Macromedia Director developers learn from DreamLight’s many tips & tricks. DreamLight also publishes advanced developer utilities, such as DreamLight RAMLight and DreamLight NetLab.

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