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25 Years of Award-winning Multimedia, 1987-2012

3D Architectural Visualization, 3D Architectural Animation, 3D Architectural Illustration & Rendering

This legacy version of the DreamLight Portfolio is being kept online while we move all our content over to our new website. For updated higher resolution versions of these samples as well as new samples please visit our NEW DreamLight Portfolio.

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“We issued a tall order with a short turn around... everyone has been so pleased with the outcome. People who have seen the renderings feel as if they are actually standing in the midst of an existing campus.”

-Lauren Seaverns, Director of Operations, College Street Partners

Quality: 5-Stars, Service: 5-Stars, Value: 5-Stars

Creating Stunning Photorealistic 3D Renderings for 3D Architectural Animation& 3D Architectural Visualization to go Beyond Photography

View the DreamLight 3D Animation Demo Reel.

Read Michael Scaramozzino’s LightWave 3D Interview as seen on NewTek.com

DreamLight creates 3D architectural animation and 3D architectural illustration that help architects and developers convey their architectural designs to their various clients. Starting with plans and elevations or 3D CAD files including Google Sketchup 3D files DreamLight creates photorealistic renderings of your architectural projects even going as far as placing the buildings in an actual project site. Such project sites can either be fully synthetic virtual sites or existing photographs or videos of an actual site.

College Street Partners needed to convey what their proposed hospital development project would look like when completed and how it would fit into the surrounding environment. They turned to DreamLight Interactive. DreamLight took the architect’s original rough Google SketchUp files of the buildings and incorporated them into a virtual 3D landscape plan of the site. DreamLight then generated various 3D architectural visualization fly-by animations of the site and numerous 3D architectural visualization illustrations from a number of different vantage points including an aerial view where DreamLight composited the 3D buildings into an actual aerial photograph of the proposed site. DreamLight was able to quickly and efficiently incorporate various design alterations throughout the entire development process as the project was presented to various planning boards and public meetings. DreamLight’s 3D renderings and animations helped the developer secure all the necessary approvals for the project.

Elk Corporation, the largest premium roofing manufacturer in the country, wanted to show what their line of premium roofing products would look like on actual homes. They also turned to DreamLight Interactive. Elk provided DreamLight with a photograph of an existing home. DreamLight built a complete 3D model replica of the home to scale. DreamLight then designed custom surfaces, materials and textures to represent the different roofing colors and styles as well as different siding and trim colors. Next DreamLight rendered the house with each different product texture. DreamLight composited the finished house renders back into the original photograph of the setting to create a seamless digital illustration of each available color combination.

If you would like DreamLight to create 3D architectural visualization animation or illustrations for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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Michael Scaramozzino - LightWave 3D Artist Profile.

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