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Shock Your Web Site with Interactive Multimedia, by Adding DreamLight ShockWavelets *FREE*

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Adding DreamLight ShockWavelets to Your Web Site is Easy.

DreamLight® ShockWavelets™ are interactive multimedia elements that you can easily add to your own web site, and best of all, they are absolutely FREE! Adding DreamLight ShockWavelets to your site is as simple as downloading small Shockwave files and copying & pasting a few lines of HTML code. DreamLight ShockWavelets are very simple examples of what DreamLight can do with Shockwave. To discuss custom Shockwave development or Flash development, please contact us.

The DreamLight ShockWavelets Collection


Michael Scaramozzino

Michael Scaramozzino
President and Creative Director

DreamLight Director Talisman
Director Tips & Tricks

Authorized Macromedia Developer




TM & (C) Copyright 1996-2001 DreamLight Incorporated. All Rights Reserved.

By downloading DreamLight® ShockWavelets™ you are agreeing to these restrictions.

DreamLight ShockWavelets is a freeware collection. It is not in the public domain. It remains the property of DreamLight Incorporated. It may not be distributed, redistributed, posted for downloads, sold, used as an inducement to purchase any other items, bundled with any other items or altered in any way without the express written consent of DreamLight Incorporated.

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DreamLight is a registered trademark of DreamLight Incorporated.
DreamLight ShockWavelets is a trademark of DreamLight Incorporated.

Created by: Michael Scaramozzino

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