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DreamLight Insight #08: KeyQuest Level 1: Cyberspace, 3D Virtual Environments & Interactive 3D Character


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KeyQuest Level 1: Discovering Cyberspace, the 3D CyberCruiser Alpha & 3D Interactive Character–Digit

Thomson LogoDreamLight LogoDOS Log-InCyberNet ConduitCyberNet I/O PortEmerging from the LightApproaching the Monument
Main Access way Exploration
Upper Access way ExplorationDiscovering the Control RoomTaking the HelmIntroducing DigitC4 IntroductionC4 L1 Lessons

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Stranded in an alien land, you have no choice but to explore your new surreal environment. During this exploration, you discover an alien cyberspace ship which appears to be controlled by some sort of keyboard device. Befriended by a quirky little alien named Digit, you must master the keyboard control panel to activate the ship and find a way to take Digit home as well as a way back to the real world.

KeyQuest turns the traditionally mundane subject of keyboarding into a grand 3D adventure of discovery. The keyboard is no longer simply used for typing letters but rather transformed into a powerful control panel used to access the fantastic realm of cyberspace.

KeyQuest Level 1 teaches proper finger reaches to each key through location drills, technique builders & fluency practice. Mastering a key activates that key on the control panel. Activating the entire control panel brings the control room systems on-line and earns you Level 2 clearance.

Opening Logo Animation


Thomson Logo Animation

We created this 3D animated splash for Thomson Learning Tools. It was used on all their educational CD-ROM.

QuickTime Movie
24bit JPEG Image: 640x480: 20K

DreamLight Logo Animation

Portions of this animated logo were originally developed in 16 colors for DreamLight Verttice. We reworked and updated it to 256 colors for use on our DreamLight Interactive CD-ROMs.

Shockwave Movie: 640x480: 234K
24bit JPEG Image: 640x480: 108K

Breaching Cyberspace


Crude DOS Style Log-in

You first log into what appears to be a crude DOS style program. Upon loading the initial typing drill there is a program crash. The Cyberspace fringe is breached and you are teleported into Cyberspace.

Interactive Shockwave Demo: 640x480: 178K

CyberNet Conduit

You are catapulted through a CyberNet Conduit. You finally come to rest in a strange barren place with no idea how to return home.

QuickTime Movie: LO Res: 487K | MD Res: 1.45M
24bit JPEG Image: 640x480: 60K

Exploring 3D Virtual Environments


CyberNet I/O Port

The beam of light ends high upon a central tower within a circular maze. A strange object is seen in the distance.

QuickTime VR Movie: 320x240: 165K
Interactive Shockwave Demo: 320x240: 1.1M
24bit JPEG Image: 640x480: 68K | Panorama: 82K

Emerging from the Light

Upon emerging from the light you gain a better view. The structure is made of a stone link metal. It is reminiscent of a circular castle with turret like platforms and ramparts.

QuickTime VR Movie: 320x240: 165K
24bit JPEG Image: 640x480: 68K | Panorama: 97K

Approaching the Monument

You can walk along the ramparts and turn at any of the intersection platforms. While exploring the structure you find your way toward the monument.

QuickTime VR Movie: 320x240: 172K
24bit JPEG Image: 640x480: 68K | Panorama: 97K

Discovering the CyberCruiser Alpha


Main Passageway Exploration

The monument turns out to be an alien cyberspace ship.

Shockwave Audio: 82K
QuickTime VR Movie: 320x240: 161K
Interactive Shockwave Demo: 320x240: 1.4M
24bit JPEG Image: 640x480: 46K | Panorama: 58K

Upper Passageway Exploration

After climbing up the ladder and through an access tube you enter another dimly lit passageway. This passage rises at a 30° incline toward a glowing doorway above.

QuickTime VR Movie: 320x240: 161K
24bit JPEG Image: 640x480: 29K | Panorama: 44K

Discovering the Control Room

You discover the control room at the apex of the ship. There is a solitary chair under a dark domed view screen.

Shockwave Audio: 56K
QuickTime VR Movie: 320x240: 161K
24bit JPEG Image: 640x480: 55K | Panorama: 58K

Taking the Helm

The helm consists of a swivel chair surrounded by a tri-view console. There is a glowing touch keyboard embedded into each console view.

QuickTime VR Movie: 320x240: 161K
24bit JPEG Image: 640x480: 50K | Panorama: 66K

Alien Interaction


Introducing Digit

A fidgety little alien named Digit enters the control room and introduces itself. Digit begins to tell you a tale.

Shockwave Audio: Intro: 122K | Tale: 758K
Interactive Shockwave Demo: 640x480: 1.1M
24bit JPEG Image: 640x480: 59K | 1024x768: 118K

CyberCruiser Command Computer (C4)


C4 Level 1 Introduction

Upon sitting down at the control console, the computer springs to life and introduces itself as C4.

Shockwave Audio: 136K
Interactive Shockwave Demo: 640x480: 905K
24bit JPEG Image: 640x480: 59K

C4 Level 1 Lessons

Mastering exercises for each key activates that key on the control panel. Activating the entire control panel will bring the control room on-line.

Shockwave Audio: 100K
Interactive Shockwave Demo: 640x480: 1.3M
8bit GIF Image: 640x480: 99K

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