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20+ Years of Award-winning Multimedia, 1987-2007

Kodak Creation Station Kiosk: Self-Running Introduction, Demo & 3D Animated Character

Kodak Creation Station Kiosk  Demo: 3D Animated Character & Animated Splash ScreenKodak Creation Station Case StudyAnimated Splash Screen Shockwave DemoKiosk Demo with 3D Animated Character, Video Sample

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“You made me look good on this project.”
-Patrick Fricke, Creative Director, Eastman Kodak Company

For a current sample of our 3D Character Animation, view our 3D CGI animated web series The Autiton Archives currently in production as well as our previous award-winning 3D animated short film - BlastOff!

When Kodak needed an animated demo to launch their Creation Station kiosk, they turned to the award-winning multimedia studio, DreamLight. They needed a self-running introduction and a kiosk demo that would be simple, informative and engaging. We satisfied their needs with a 3D animated character named Snapshot who acts as host, taking the user on a fun-filled tour of the kiosk.

DreamLight InsightFor an, in-depth, behind the scenes case study about this widely published project, complete with additional samples, don’t miss DreamLight Insight #04: Kodak, Creation Station.

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